Summaries of cases implicating the environmental right follow, along with a selection of the most relevant case filings. Additional filings may be available and, for cases in New York State courts, can be found on the New York State Electronic Court Filing system (NYSCEF).

Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc. v. New York

Date filed: January 28, 2022

Description:  Claim that odors, fugitive emissions, and climate change impacts from the operation of High Acres Landfill violate the environmental rights of nearby property owners and residents.


    1. FAES complaint
    2. FAES NYC motion to dismiss
    3. FAES NYSDEC motion to dismiss
    4. FAES Waste Management motion to dismiss
    5. FAES resp NYSDEC mot dismiss
    6. FAES resp NYC mot dismiss
    7. FAES resp Waste mot dismiss
    8. Decision, Motion to Dismiss

Renew 81 For All v. New York State Department of Transportation

Date filed: September 30, 2022

Description: Article 78 Petition seeking to annul approvals for the Interstate 81 Viaduct Project on numerous grounds, including that the failure to conduct adequate environmental review and the selection of an alternative that would cause unmitigated adverse environmental impacts violated Petitioners’ rights under the New York Environmental Right.


    1. Matter of Renew 81 for All v NYSDOT – petition
    2. Memorandum of Law in Support of Petition
    3. Memorandum of Law in Opposition to the Petition
    4. Amicus Brief of New York Civil Liberties Union
    5. Petitioners’ Reply Memorandum in Support of Verified Petition
    6. Decision and Order Requiring SEIS

Seneca Lake Guardian v. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Date filed: October 13, 2022

Description: Article 78 Petition challenging the issuance of a Solid Waste Management Permit for the construction and operation of a waste transfer facility on numerous grounds, including that NYSDEC failed to consider how granting the permit would affect Petitioner’s members’ rights under the Environmental Right Amendment where the permit application failed to address how produced leachate containing PFAS would be managed.


    1. Verified Petition
    2. Memorandum of Law in Support of Petition
    3. NYSDEC Motion to Dismiss
    4. County Line Motion to Dismiss
    5. Decision on Motion to Dismiss

Marte et al. v. City of New York

Date filed: October 21, 2022

Description: Action seeking to annul approvals for and enjoin construction on the Two Bridges Project in part on the ground that inadequate environmental review and a failure to mitigate adverse environmental impacts violate neighboring residents’ rights under the New York Environmental Right


    1. Two Bridges complaint
    2. Decision


Date filed: December 19, 2022

Description: Action brought by the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic on behalf of neighbors and not-for-profit group Lights Out Norlite. The Complaint seeks tort claims against Norlite, an operator of a hazardous waste incineration facility in Cohoes, NY. The State had previously brought an enforcement action against Norlite, and LON seeks to intervene in that action. The Complaint also brings a declaratory Judgment claim against DEC, arguing that continued operation of the Norlite facility violates the neighbors’ constitutional right to clean air and a healthful environment.


    1. Notice of Motion for Motion to Intervene
    2. Affirmation of Todd Ommen
      1. Ex A Norlite Nuisance Complaint
      2. Ex B FAFE GA Decision
    3. LON Memo of Law in Support of Intervention
    4. Decision on Motion to Intervene
    5. State of N.Y. Memo of Law in Support of Partial Motion to Dismiss
Water dripping into a glass from a faucet.


Date filed: January 30, 2023


    1. Complaint

Ass’n of Prop. Owners of Sleepy Hollow Lake, Inc. et al. v. Greene Cnty. Indus. Dev. Agency et al.

Date filed: August 11, 2023

Description: Hybrid Article 78/DJ action to set aside the Greene County IDA’s determination to provide financial support for the Flint Mine Solar project on numerous grounds, including that the IDA failed to consider how granting the incentives would impact petitioners’ right to clean drinking water under the Environmental Right Amendment. The Complaint also seeks a declaratory judgment that the IDA determination violates the Sleepy Hollow APO and Sleepy Hollow Water Company’s constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment.


    1. Complaint with Exhibits